Event: Hike for Hope with your family and friends.

Where and When:

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Since our son Ian was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy (MD) more than 14 years ago, we have been through the full gamut of emotions. But the emotion we have felt most is pride. Pride as we watch Ian live with this disease with grace and courage. Pride as we watch him ski, skydive, dirt bike, mountain bike, and hike up mountains. And pride as, for the last 13 years, all of you have dragged yourselves and your families in the cold, dark, early, hours of the morning up to the glorious summit of Buttermilk along with Ian, and have generously sponsored and donated. Hike for Hope has thrived for 13 years because of a community of exceptional individuals.

This year we’ve decided to take a different approach for our 14th Annual Hike for Hope. We were fortunate to have been part of the Wintersköl celebration for so many years. But now with the growth of the X Games, it has become too challenging to continue to hold the race on Buttermilk in January. As we searched to find another date, we started to think about our event a little differently. After all, charity should not be about winning an age category or getting a raffle prize; it should be instead about doing something simply because you want to help–and because you can.

This year Bob and Carole Sharp will be hiking Buttermilk 4 times in honor of the 4 years it will take for CRISPR Cas9, the only potential cure of muscular dystrophy, to be tested in human trials. We invite you to join us online in honor of those with Muscular Dystrophy.

Please join us on March 24, 2018, for an informal hike up Buttermilk. You can join us for one or any fraction or multiple times up Buttermilk that you wish. Or post on our facebook page with your own fun activity with family or friends, or even alone, in the name of Hike for Hope and for those who can’t. We challenge you to hike/bike/ski/skate/run/skateboard as if you had no quadriceps, just for a few minutes, while thinking of what it would be like to have your muscles slowly waste away. Whatever activity you choose, please take a moment to be grateful for your family and friends, and to yourself for making a difference.

We hope you will also continue to support our mission to cure Muscular Dystrophy. Please donate through the secure GivingFuel site by clicking on the Donate button at the top or bottom of the web pages. We aim to raise at least the same amount this year as in years past. All proceeds go to research for a cure for MD, the #1 genetic killer of children in the US and yet, still, one of the least federally funded.

Additional Valuable Information

* Please note the chairlift will be running for those who choose not to hike down.

* No dogs or sledding are allowed on Buttermilk during operational hours.

* Neuromuscular diseases affect more than 1 million Americans and over 250,000 children.

* If you prefer not to donate online, please make tax-deductible contributions payable to:

HIKE FOR HOPE FOUNDATION, 936 W Francis St., Aspen, CO. 81611
Tax ID # 20-3596738
Thank you for your kind support and help!

Take a step for hope. Take a step to cure. Take a step because you can.

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