Event: 20th Annual Hike for Hope “Terry Horgan Day” Sunday, May 19, 2024

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All of us at Hike for Hope truly believed that courageous and heroic Terry Horgan would be, for the first time in his life, celebrating his 29th birthday on Sunday, May 19, 2024, FREE OF HIS AWFUL DISEASE, MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY. However, it is heartbreaking and sadly not so.

Terry was the reason that his older brother Rich started the research-based nonprofit Cure Rare Disease (CRD). Terry was the first to receive an experimental gene editing therapy customized to treat his specific form of muscular dystrophy. Terry passed away while taking part in the CRD-TMH-001 clinal trial which uses CRISPR therapeutics.

“[Terry] wished that CRD would go on to save those who have been forgotten so that no other family had to suffer the slow progression of terrible diseases. He hoped that his courage would not be in vain.” Cure Rare Disease (CRD) Website

It is not in vain, his wish and courage continue.

Hike for Hope is honoring Terry and his remarkable family by supporting CRD to cure Muscular Dystrophy and other rare diseases. We ask you to join us. To learn more please take a moment to watch the video from Cure Rare Disease on our home page. We believe in how much of a difference we all can make collectively.

100% of your donation will go directly to support research to move us forward toward a cure.

How will you “MD” and help us to continue to MAKE a DIFFERENCE? We thank you and hope you enjoy quality time with your loved ones and family, if not in person, perhaps virtually. Please share your special event on our Facebook page.

A HUGE thank you to those of you who have already so generously donated. Your continued support of our goal means so much to so many!

No words can adequately express how grateful we are for such a thoughtful, supportive, and amazing community!

Terry Horgan will always be remembered and honored as a pioneer and a wonderful young man who made a difference.

Thank you Terry.

With endless thanks and gratitude,
Carole, Bob, Ian, and Ty Sharp

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* Neuromuscular diseases affect more than 1 million Americans and over 250,000 children.

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